It is said that the longest journey starts with a single step, but on our path through life it is true that no two journeys are the same. Hopes, aspirations and dreams change from person to person and circumstance to circumstance, yet we all have to be fearless in the pursuit of our goals.

Danny had a reputation for fearless reporting. In fact, he lived his life and everything in it with a fearless determination. He had great passion for every project, every task and was always ready to help or encourage others. Because of that, the Fearless Foundation aims to inspire young people to make their own fearless journey through sport, education and training, embodying Danny’s attitude and approach to life to help others achieve their dreams in the way Danny did.

We know that not everyone aspires to go to university or become a journalist. Consequently, a key part of the Foundation’s remit is to establish links into schools and further education bodies, sports coaching programmes, mentoring programmes and organisations that are looking to establish apprenticeships to provide young people with a variety of ‘disembarkation points’ along their own individual journey.

Regardless of the journey’s route, the Fearless Foundation is about encouraging young people throughout the UK to realise their potential and live life fearlessly, just the way Danny did. By doing this we’ll create a long-term and life changing legacy that Danny would have been proud of.