Working hand in hand with local community organisations, we will look to expand and build on existing projects and provide young people with a variety of ‘rung on the ladder’ opportunities along their own individual journeys. Initially, these will likely take the form of taking young people from existing community programmes for the following:

Fearless Coaches: from programmes such as ‘Kickz’, training young people under the FA’s coaching schemes to become sports coaches assisting in primary school sports projects;

Fearless Mentors: from programmes such as ‘My Future Goal’, training young people as mentors to other peers on those community programmes;

Fearless Apprentices: giving apprentice opportunities in the world of finance, engineering and media; and

Fearless Scholarships: working in conjunction with the University of Hull, (where Danny studied History and Politics), we will look to sponsor a small number of young people to study there under a partly paid bursary programme.